Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finishing up about Pizza Fusion

Okay, so I'm slow.

The first thing that has to be said is this - Soy cheese, good as it may be, just does not melt and behave like milk cheese. Yeah, it gets gooey and all, but it becomes more like a sauce than anything else.
So, with this in mind, here goes:
Pizza Fusion is cute. Small, a bit noisy (We sat by the kitchen, and the staff were entertaining one another). The crust of the pizza, the whole grain, was good, the tomato sauce fine as well, and the Soy cheese, well, I gave that away already...
On a scale of 1-5 I'd give it a 4. Nothing to rush back to, but somewhere to go eat out that is nice. The wine, from Girasole vineyards, was awesome!

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  1. Yeah, that's something cheese enthusiasts complain about most- maybe someday someone will replicate casein and make a fortune!

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog