Sunday, February 26, 2012


They say that you never forget your first. My first vegan cookbook, as well as blog, was by a very talented, extremely knowledgable, and all around great person, Bryanna Clark Grogan.
There are many blogs and books these days that cover plant based diets, and I follow and enjoy a wide selections of these. But back to Bryanna...
A resent entry on her blog was for a childhood dish, done vegan. As it reminded me of a dish from my own very distant past, I thought, why not, let's get cooking!
Since seitan is not in hight demand with the carni, I made these using her "Breast of Tofu".
I wish we had doubled the recipe, it was THAT good. Served with roasted potatoes and steamed peas, it was fulfilling, comforting, and just plain yummy. Five stars for sure.

This picture does NOT do the dish the justice it deserves. Just make it!

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