Monday, February 20, 2012

I need to cook more. That is for sure. But for now, I'm loving this "push" that Vine and Dine is providing, and the opportunity to blog about it. We had the pleasure of R visiting this weekend, and since France is her second home, making the next V&D a week early made sense, it being a French inspired dish.
The delight this time is Cassouletter form World Vegan Feast.
The only change, and it was not an intentional one, was that the can of tomatoes had diced hot peppers.
(Can you ever have too much spice?)
This is the dish, pre bread crumb mix. I doubled the mix amount this time. 
Bread crumb mix on board, ready for the oven treatment.
90 minutes later, and here it is, ready for the close up.
Okay, so clearly my photo, and presentation, skills need some TLC. All the same, the full (very much so) plate.
Puppy J showing, and in much more cuteness, how full and content we were after the meal. (The puppies had their own treat)

In a word, devine! It was such a success. Homey, comforting, filling, bursting with flavor. Yum!

Since the dish had a bit more kick than intended (Those hot green peppers that sneaked in...) a white wine seemed like the perfect companion. We went local, and had the Bianchi Pinot Grigio which the winery said was vegan. It's a nice sharp white, with a hint of fruit, and was a knight in shinning armor to the dish it was paired with. 
All in all, this was an outstanding dinner, awesome food, fantastic wine, and great company!


  1. You are absolutely right, it was awesome food! And it tasted quite a little bit like French country home-cooking (which is hands down the best type of French cuisine!) right here in the Central Coast.

    Thank you for having me this weekend! Give my love to your puppies!

  2. Nope, you can't have too much spice, if you ask me...just don't ask my family :) Great write up and I am so thrilled to see you blog! Your food looks amazing! I didn't even post a pic since mine were such bad photos :))

  3. A cook after my own heart! Bring on the hot peppers!