Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pumpkin Srambled Tofu

This is NOT adding a new recipe to the trilion already floating around in cyberspace. It's a review of an ingenious twist by AsttoNOMZ. So there. :)

Here is the kicker. I don't like pumpkin. Never have.
Yet when coming across this post, I sort of feel in love with the idea of it, and of letting go of some long held food aversions.

It turned out to be a good call. This dish is, well, delish!
Only change was to add a tablespoon of hot sauce after all the other yummy ingredients where in the pan.
For the greens, I went with a pre-mixed kale salad from Harvest Sensations. It is pre-washed and includes red cabbage and carrot shreds. The local health food store, as well as Von's, stock this.

Tummy approved.

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